Monday, November 02, 2009

Playing Hero, Acting Hero

.....Who knows Facebook? I bet majority of my readers know about it. Facebook is just one of the many social-networking sites that I visit regularly. Facebook always gives me that "hook" feeling and that explains everything about why I need to visit it regularly. What are those elements that hook me, if you may ask. Well, my friend's status are always updated, lots of interesting surveys and quizzes, and amazing games to choose from. Oh! I've mentioned about games. Yeah! those things catches the attention of many (especially me).

.....When one would ask me about the game that I'm playing on Facebook, (definitely it's not Farmville although majority of my friends play this game) I would answer them "Hero World". Yes, you read it right. I'm very much hook to this game because it has this great impact on me not just as a gamer, but also as a person who seeks change for everyone including myself. Here, the player would be involved in different missions that include battling criminals and doing some sort of deeds. Between battling and doing deeds, I like doing deeds the most as my mission in this game because it doesn't just deal with extra-impossible tasks that most superheroes do. It also deals with simple act of kindness such as saving a little girls cat, helping an old woman cross the road, and etc.

.....As a general conclusion, I admire the developers of Hero World because of their inclusion of different simple act of kindness to be part of the hero's everyday mission. We people often wants to create an impact to our own specific field by doing extra-ordinary stuff that we can't even afford to do. We even forget to relay our attention on those small details. Those details may be small from our own point of perspective but to the people involved, it may be the greatest and most important thing that one could ever imagine. Let's face it, there's no big deal on how small or big the tasks are. What's important is the impact that it creates to the people involved and how it changes their lives. Being a hero is not about relying on our super abilities and extra-super powers, it is about the act of kindness that we share to everyone. Super heroes are just fantasies, but we can always be super in our own unique ways.

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