Saturday, August 20, 2011

The Bricklayers’ Club: Soaring Higher Than Before

What does it take for a group to successfully grow and to elevate one step higher than the rest? This kind of question has been bothering every organizers, committee members and officers of groups that have been established ever since the era of groupings has begun. This question has become their guiding light in making sure that the organization is still walking at the right path and still heading unto the intended direction. Well, the answer simply lies within each of its members. It is still the members, who share most of the percentage when it comes to making the group successful in each endeavor it partakes. And, it is the members’ will, determination, and passion that still prevail. Therefore, members should be given the right value in order to maintain the group’s present stature. In the case of The Bricklayers’ Club, members are still its priority in making sure that the organization still works and that it is still capable of delivering the best service that it could afford to give to its beneficiary – the community.

Last August 15, 2011 (Monday) was the General Membership Assembly of The Bricklayers’ Club, which was held at The Coffee Beanery in Quezon City. The event was a call to recruit new members, to review past projects, and to discuss upcoming projects as well. The assembly was also a call to introduce the organization’s official media partner – UNTV Channel 37. To sum it all up, the event was a call to re-strengthen the group’s main foundation – its members.

New Members

“The core of the group is its members. Members share the vision, mission and goals of the group. Thus, they are part and parcel of the group’s success.”

New members have been added and they are expected to share their time, talent and skills to the group along with their sincerity, willingness and unconditional effort.

Past Projects

“By looking back at his past, he realizes that his previous actions simply affect his present. Therefore, he makes use of his present by planning ahead of time and hopes that through his simple act, he can still alter his future.”

TBC members did utilize the event by looking back at previous projects and contemplate on the effects it made to the community. By simply contemplating on past projects, members have understood how small and low-budgeted projects were able to materialize and were able to create ripple to the community.  With this, the group (old and new members) became more aggressive, more passionate, and more determined in doing more worthwhile projects.

New projects

“Action needs vision, while vision requires action.”

Members of The Bricklayers’ Club shared a glimpse of upcoming projects that will materialize very soon. Those projects are expected to create new and lasting impact to the society and will, later on, create ripple as it changes lives, lifestyle and perception.

Knowing the vision of the group allows members to realize what their current stand is, what kind of action should be made, and what kind of agenda should be served.

 New Partner

“Birds soar higher when in flocks. It is the main concept of the v-formation.”

The introduction of UNTV Channel 37, TBC’s official media partner, will be of great help in extending the group’s effort in giving community-oriented services. As the group enters the mainstream media, it is expected that TBC will be able to widen its cape as it unfolds its advocacy to the general public. With this, influencing and creating change will be easier.

Passion lives

“Vision and Action are nothing without the spirit of passion.”

Even though vision and action have been determined amongst the group, the fire of passion [still] needs to be lighted. Passion is the guiding force and the prime motivator of the group. It fuels the organization’s will to move forward while responding to the challenges of time.

Passion lives in me, in you, and in each one of us.

The structure

We (members of TBC) are not just a group of individuals united by one call – Architecture. We are not just architects, practitioner and students, who worry much of our personal future, dreams, and desires. We are nation builders… and we serve this country by means of introducing community-relevant design solutions. Through the aid of our dedication, passion and advocacy, we will continuously seek different ways on how we’ll be able to make our theories become part of this ever-changing reality. 

The Bricklayers’ Club is not really about us… It is about the community we serve.

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