Thursday, December 08, 2011

A Lonely Seeker’s Quest

Walking towards the light of morning blue,
Hoping to find the world’s perfect view.
Here I am, again, frustrated for what I see.
This is not the best place that a man should be.

Moving on with my journey, my feet kept on going.
Seeking for places that might possess what my vision has been longing.
But again to my dismay, I wasn’t able to find
The exact beauty that has been created by my mind.

Everything looks completely terrible,
A product of man’s irresponsible behavior.
Nothing has been left for me to find
Just like the old haven that humanity left behind.  

Being sorry for myself was all that I can do.
I thought of nothing but grieve while longing for you.
Our dearest sweet mother, who nurtured us all,
Is now home for chaos and maiden of fools.

I am so angry with my fellow humans
For our beautiful home is now part of history’s murals.
If only I can change things on my own,
Then everything would be as perfect as yesterday’s home.

Destiny knocked me for what I have just thought
Is the best thing that change-makers should have fought.
This is our planet and we should fight for this
Before everything becomes part of a useless piece.

From there, I stand with courage I endured;
From there, I strive for my passion is pure.
Sure, I wasn’t able to find the right answer from my quest.
But realize that the solution lies within my heart’s treasure chest.


  1. hi matt. . .

    nice one. . .

    1. Thanks Mia! You're such an avid supporter/friend.


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