Monday, September 17, 2012

Blogger in Idle

     It has been weeks since the last time I updated this blog. I rarely blog even though there are so many words wandering inside my mind - ideas, inspiration, events, and lots of wonderful stories that's worth telling. I really would love to blog about all those things, but I can't. Time is currently pulling me back. There's a lot of work loads that I need to finish in a given amount of time. And I can't blame those work loads, which I considered "time thieves" simply because it is also a part of my obligation to respond to them.

     No, I'm not complaining. And I can never complain. These "time thieves" are all for my own good and for my personal growth. I just need to balance them and if there's something that I need to sacrifice for the sake of fitting in the entire work for a specific span of time, then that would be blogging. No, don't get me wrong. This blogger will not stop from blogging nor stop from telling wonderful and inspirational stories. I just need to sacrifice a bit for the sake of accomplishing everything. I [still] am a blogger, but I also need to attend on my duties as a construction manager, as an architect, as a student aspiring to be an urban planner, as an officer of different architectural organizations, as a board member of a kid's foundation, as a leader, and as a change-maker. 
     Just give me some time to attend to my duties... after which, I'll start writing all those words wandering inside my mind. Until next time! c",)

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