Friday, November 02, 2012

Dilemma in Me

In this solitude of sadness I endure
Words and phrases that can lure
Dreamers and aspirants to adore
Perfect beauty, power, and more.

This is the place I call my very own
For my entire skills have been honed.
What more shall I even ask for
When things are better than before?

I see beauty beyond perfection.
I feel power in every creation.
Craftsmanship has been mastered,
But there's more to be altered.

Day and night I long to be better.
Not a chance not to go deeper.
Improvement is a habit to take
Especially when fulfillment is at stake.

I'll never give up nor surrender
Although there's much more to suffer.
This is the path I seriously chose
And the fate I understand the most.

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