Sunday, December 30, 2012

Change the World

In a world filled with humanly horror,
Here I am in search of my own endeavor.
I want to shed light in this lightless room;
I need to witness life at its greatest bloom.

In this monotonous reality, here I am walking
Trying to find the answer to my own calling.
There's no glitz nor glamour to where I'm heading
Because an ultimate sacrifice is what I'll be giving.

With all my remaining resources, I fearlessly stand.
I know I can revive this lifeless jungle in my own hands.
There's no stopping me now, this needs to be done.
But the world keeps on darker, all my energy's gone.

Devastation has been around every corner;
Innocent lives have been wasted by danger;
Madness evolved through man's greed for power,
Leaving my fellowmen die of too much hunger.

Everything's insane now. I do need help for this.
My intention is clear but it takes a lot of risk.
Yes, changing the world is the task I chose,
But I also need a lot of companion at most.

Where are you now, my fellow change-makers?
Let's join our forces and become earth shakers!
Together, we can create great and noble things.
Let's seam our tomorrow before the world rings!

This kind of journey have made me understand
That I can't change the world with my own hands.
Altering the earth's course requires a lot of people
Sharing the same intention, passion, and soul.

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