Friday, January 18, 2013

Redefining Christmas Through Volunteerism

     Last year was a very fruitful year for U! Happy Events. We did different projects for different beneficiaries. Each event made tons of volunteers, who made different realizations and testimonies right after volunteering for U! Happy Events. And that alone is a reason to celebrate! Christmas was even more fruitful for U! Happy Events because of "12 Days of Christmas.

     "12 Days of Christmas" is a project of U! Happy Events that gave 12 Christmas Events for 12 beneficiaries. Enough to let volunteers spend their Christmas with underprivileged kids. For reference of U! Happy Events' projects (especially "12 Days of Christmas") last 2012, you may visit our website by clicking THIS. Feel free to view pictures of our previous events and read articles done by our volunteers and fellow board members. I had my own article there and let me take this opportunity it with you.

Kuya Samuel Visits New Faith Family Homes
   People say that Christmas should only be spent with the family. But for the volunteers and sponsors of U! Happy Events, everyone is part of the family and no one should be left behind.  
     It was on December 25, 2012 when U! Happy Events visited New Faith Family Homes and made kids feel blessed and extra special as our dear sponsor – Samuel Gates – had decided to share his blessings on this very special day wherein love, care, and giving are much emphasized.
     This is actually the first time that U! happy Events did an event on Christmas day. The date is so crucial and very challenging for volunteers to come and participate. Good thing that everyone’s passion and willingness to inspire, to serve, and to make an impact to the lives of kids emerged and made this event possible.
     The event was composed of games, magic show, talent show, Christmas lunch, and gift giving. Seeing kids smile and enjoy our Christmas treat is truly rewarding. It even made us realize that our holiday hasn’t been wasted. Instead, we just made our holiday more special and worth remembering. Yes, we left our own homes during Christmas, but our quest for CHANGE led us to a place where we can consider as an extension of our home – a place filled with kids’ hopes, dreams, and aspirations.

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