Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Help Simply Because You Care

     My country, the Philippines, has been experiencing continuous rain since the weekend. And as I write this post, the rain keeps on pouring in. Classes and different companies had cancelled their operations since yesterday due to the bad weather and the flood it caused. Most of the people here are just staying inside their homes while others are already taking refuge under the roof of evacuation centers.

     Productivity has gone to zero and damages are getting worse. Many of my fellowmen needs help now. If you are reading this post, let me have this opportunity to knock on your conscience. Please do help the victims of typhoon Maring. I don't believe on coincidence, but more on chances. You happen to read this post because you have a purpose for the victims of this devastating typhoon. There is kindness in your heart that you need to express. Let it out for you to experience joy. Help the victims of typhoon Maring. 
     Your little effort will create a big impact to the lives of the victims. Believe me, there's a hero in you. You just need to let it out by doing simple, yet heroic deeds to the people in need. In case you are still in doubt of your heroic capability, let me end this post by saying...

Help not because you have excess resources... 
help simply because you care for your fellow being.

Think about it. My fellowmen need you!

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