Saturday, April 19, 2014

Judge Me No More

Empty state of emotions
Caused by worldly frustrations.
Here I am, helpless and alone
With this solitary throne.

Being judged is what I often receive
From voices, who always perceive
Outright appearance and actions
Without verifying substantial fractions.

What do they get from such habit?
I guess, it’s purely entertainment.
But, what do I get from such judgment?
A broken heart and a spirit in lament.

Every careless word can wreck me
And every idea can transform me.
But, I swear they can not change me
For I know my own personality.

If only you know how crazy this world is.
Overflowing with perfect [im]perfectionists.
If only a clear mirror can help you realize
How I see you in my very own eyes.

Your wounds are just the same as mine,
But judging you isn’t my lifeline.
I have to leave you now with your word play
While I enjoy my life starting this day.

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