Tuesday, October 20, 2015

28 Years of Everything

     October 17, 2015 marked an additional number to my age. I am now on my 28th year of existence. 28 years of living, loving, dreaming, believing, aiming, influencing, and changing. That same day marked the beginning of my blogging comeback. It is time to go back, be active, and make my presence felt here in this world called blogosphere. I waited for that significant day of my life in order for me to set the right timing and to earn the right amount of passion. After all, my readers deserve quality contents from me.

     A lot of changes had happened during my nonexistence here in blogosphere. Those changes made my life more meaningful and much exciting. Let me share some of those changes on my next posts. As of now, let this simple post serve as a hint that I'm back.

     Thank you so much for waiting, and for still believing in me. Have a good day ahead and always stay awesome!

     This is Artistmat, signing off!

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