Monday, February 12, 2018


     Exhausted, I find myself resting on the floor of this old passageway filled with strangers passing by. For a moment, I feel my heart beating faster than the movement of time. I hear the beating becoming louder and louder. That annoying sound starts consuming my every being until...

     It brings me to the time when that kind of beating isn’t made by running endlessly, but by loving tremendously. I see myself younger and happier. I see myself oozing with overflowing love. I see myself complete.

     My consciousness brought me to the time when I was in love. That kind of love, which gave me the reason to continue my life and live to the fullest. That kind of love, which gave me all the rights in this world to aim for a future filled with colors. That simple love, which made me feel complete for a while. I can still smell the sweet aroma of being in love. Those trees waving triumphantly in tune with heavenly melodies until...

     Colorful surroundings slowly fading, sky’s cracking down, petals falling apart from trees. I’m feeling weaker now. I feel pain. I feel a pinch of emptiness inside of me swallowing my entire soul. I feel terrible.

     My consciousness brought me to the time when her soul left her biological dress. It was the moment when she needed to go and loose grip. It was the moment a hole in me showed up. This man in complete state suddenly turned incomplete.

     I see life in complete mess again. My world turned eternal hell. My home became my prison cell. My life converted into never ending pain. Sanity at its worst.

     Dark walls colliding like pendulums dancing in harmonious velocity. Hallow ceiling turned into moving abstraction. Cracked flooring bouncing like broken glasses in tune with flowing frequencies. I’m in complete struggle. I need to go back to the real world now. I need to revive my consciousness. I need...

     Love. I need her back in my life. I need to complete the emptiness in me. I need to seal that hole for me to be whole again. I need my world back. This is me...

     Suffering my undying pain.

Image source: frame2frame

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