Thursday, May 04, 2023

Help Needed for Fellow Livestreamers

     For people, who know me in kumu (a livestreaming app based in the Philippines), they are already familiar with my mantra that is written here in this blog: Walk. Leave a mark. Make a difference. Been using this as part of my outro: 

"This has been your host, Artistmat. Your blogger turned livestreamer reminding you of my blog's mantra: Walk, leave a mark, and make a difference."

     In a new light, as I try to maximize this mantra in utilizing kumu and in extending my reach, I've decided to use the mantra as my introduction in raising funds for fellow livestreamers in need. With this, I'm sharing you the first two I'm trying to raise funds for. Please do read the screenshot of the post and the accompanying poster. And if you have extra or you have the fund, kindly extend your resources to them.

Original post:

Original post:

Note: All information came from them personally and they gave me their consent in posting their details to raise funds.

     Thank you in advance for sharing whatever resources you have for them. I really appreciate you. Thank you for being the hero they really need at this point. Let me end this post by reminding you to...

Walk. Leave a mark. Make a difference.

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