Tuesday, October 30, 2007

GK EXPO 2007

I'm quite busy last week because of a multi-tasking activities. first, I'm working in our school as a Student Assistant (S.A.). Second, I'm doing my SSG responsibilities. And last of all, I'm coordinating to Gawad Kalinga for the GK Expo 2007. Very busy ha?! Not really... I'm not stressful in doing all those tasks as long as I'm enjoying. Believe me, I did enjoy it! Being a GK volunteer is already an honor for me. It is a passion that came out from my inner soul. A passion to help the needy. To help is not actualy an obligation of giving money. We could help by doing something. This is not a requirement that needs to by accomplished but this is an opportunity to give what we have and to sacrifice the needs of ouselves for the betterment of others. This is about sincerity of service!
Be a GK volunteer and become a GK Bayani!

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