Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Election Fever

Yesterday is an election for the Barangay and SK officers. I'm very excited to vote for this is my first time. I really felt my worth as a responsible citizen of this country. During the votation, I wore a T-shirt especially printed by GK concepts which was bought in the GK Expo. The print says "ARCHITECTS OF HOPE" with a sub-title of "Building homes for the homeless" while at the back of the shirt, the print says "Rebuilding the Country. Restoring the dignity of the Filipinos". I really love that shirt because it defines the hero in me and promotes heroism in each of us. All I'm hoping ,for now, is that every Filipino have voted for the most deserving. A candidate that's not vying for the position, instead, vying for the responsibilities. Dedication for serving his fellowmen must be the sole requirement.
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  1. Anonymous2:22 PM

    as i go through reading this...... i remember one thing....... from sir rene, one of our speaker in the led sem... if we want improvement we need to start it w/ our self..... by doing something that we think its right... all changes should start from our selves.... he added that the problem was not in the government or in the system but in fact, the problem is within our self or in the the people...but after reading this blog i had realized that it was interalated with mats idea........ that we need to start a change in our self by choosig the dseving leader.... and in our self, then later on will see and experience the great chages in our society........ thakz mat for reminding us....... take care....


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