Friday, February 15, 2008

Love at its Best

Am I dreaming of a beautiful light
Every time you're in my sight?
Such a clever illusion
That provides a doubtful confusion.

Reality knocks my consciousness
Telling me that you're a true princess.
A girl surrounded by lovers
Offering you bunch of flowers.

Longing for your love is a challenge
That broke my inner silence.
Awakening my sleeping actions
And defeating my crazy frustrations.

Emphasizing my deep emotion
Shows love without hesitation.
This defines the word infinity
And will, suddenly, complete our destiny.

New and everlasting love was created.
Out of an artist, you were painted.
Like a flower that blooms prettily
Making lovers fall so easily.

Engaging in a commitment
Is, indeed, an achievement.
Especially if it is you.
Oh! Such a wonderful view!

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