Sunday, January 13, 2008

Quezon City's Promising Step

Earlier this morning, I have read the news about Engr. Gerry Caroro's invention becomes the main attraction in Quezon City Cirle. Oh, by the way, I haven't introduced him yet. Engr. Gerry Caroro is an alumna of our shcool, Technological Institute of the Philippines, and a graduate of Civil Engineering. He is the inventor of the First Filipino-made Electric Car. I really admire his vision to save Philippines from pollution. I also admire his perseverance on pushing to the Government sector his inventions but then, it turned to be an ordeal for him because [politicians] doens't show interest on his inventions. Sigh! I really hate my fellow citizens of this nation especially when it comes to topic about invention. As you can recall, many inventors have failed to pursue their project here in the Philippines because [politicians] snob those projects. As a result, inventor's went to other countries and present their works. My opinion is, don't be so political. Please make a decision that the whole nation will benifit than making a decision for your own sake. To my readers, if ever you'll become my country's next political leader please have a conscience in your everyday decisions for the future of the country is at your hand.

Below is a video that features Engr. Caroro's Invention courtesy of YOUOTUBE

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