Saturday, June 21, 2008

On The Green Side

......Today, glabal warming has come to an extent that every nation opened their eyes towards the possibility of causing it and all the harm that it can do to our planet. We dispose our waste in different ways. As an affected individual, we must learn what are those things that we need to dispose in a ussual manner and things that must be dispose in a fragile way. One of my most loved site is the for its unique way of approaching one's innocent mind on how to dispose gadgets like cell phone batteries and etc. The whole site is ade up of cartoons that gives facts to its visitors. I should not tell much about how I appreciate the efforts of this site. Its time for you to discover this one of a kind site. Read, Act, and Make a difference!
......This is not a paid advertisement. I'm doing this for a cause and words came out directly from my heart with deep sincerity. Thank you for reading.
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