Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Nature's Equalizer

.....The terror brought by the typhoon Frank to the Philippines had finally ended but the marks that it left are just starting to spread its wings of dark blossom. Filipinos, especially the relatives of the victims, are now experiencing the ache brought by this typhoon. This typhoon marked a disastrous experience during its entire stay- houses were destroyed, families were shattered, the country's appearance went messy, and a lot of people died. Yes, this is the hard side of reality that we can't escape but, have you ever wonder what's the role of this mess?
.....Sometimes, this event stands as nature's equalizer. After this heart-pumping event, we find ourselves helping with one another and deleting the line of social status. This line used to trigger ones pride to dominate. The pride that used to inject the "rich is for the rich while the poor is only for the poor" concept into our minds. We started loving, caring and even praying for our fellowmen. Some people were even changed and the government officials are starting to make necessary actions. An equalizer that reminds us of what we should be and who we should become.
.....Yes, this is not what we want to happen but this could serve as a teacher that gives us a lot of lessons to learn and will equip us through the years to come.

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