Monday, March 09, 2009

For Passion's Sake

.....Remember this edited picture of mine? Well, I'm actually using this picture as the background image of my laptop ever since. Most of the architecture students and professors like this photo and most of the time, it gets a lot of "wows" from the viewing public.

.....Yesterday, my aunt, uncle and cousin saw this image and were all very horrified by what they've seen. They even asked me if I'm a devil or something. (laugh) Of course you'll ask me if I manage to defend my side and my answer is yes. I told them that it's part of the art and they immediately disagreed.

.....Earlier this morning, my uncle confronted me about the issue and told me to change the background image because it gives him a sudden creepiness. (laugh) Well, if my real purpose is to scare people with that picture. Then I must say that I've succeeded. But to tell you the truth, I'm not. My primary purpose, really, is to make an art. I'm passionate about performing arts and all I could do right now is to express that passion through photo editing since I can't give part of my time in acting.

.....This photo is just one of the edited pictures that I'm doing as part of my passion on stage drama. This photo entitled "Dark Invader" tells a story that one can be part of. You may actually feel that certain thrill that this picture wants you to feel.

.....In addition, Dark Invader isn't the only picture that's classified as horrifying. If you're interested in checking the other ones, you may visit my other blog at Feel free to be part of my blog's advocacy by submitting some scenic-customized photos. Just read DXI's guidelines if you really want to participate. Thanks for reading!

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