Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Next In Line

.....Yesterday seems to be another fruitful day for me because my thesis rating got even higher right after I've submitted all of the recommendations that was given to me by my panel of jury. On my previous post, I wrote about how my thesis went during my deliberation and you may verify it later if you want.

.....The other thing that made my day great was when our Department Chair asked me if who will be the next Architecture Department Student Government (Ar-DSG) President. He then told his visitors about how I do well as a president of our department. He even said that although the next president can definitely do his job well but still, I'm different. Way too different from all the past presidents that our department has. "Matthew is still different and I'm worried for the next semester because he and Arch. Canare is not around", he quipped.

.....The previous conversation may sound too overwhelming for me but then I want to treat it as a complement for getting the job done and for unleashing the passion that wants to get out from me. I'm hoping that the next president will do more than I did and ones he does that, he will definitely be better than I do. I'm not worried if that will happen because as his predecessor, I should be prouder if he's better than I am.

.....You see, being a leader, we must have that kind of attitude. We must not be bothered if our successor will soar higher than us. Instead, we should be prouder because our successor's success is just a fact that we are successful when it comes to mentoring and passing our leadership skills to others.

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