Friday, February 19, 2010

Abandon Me Not

Hello everyone! I'm back! Who says that I have already abandoned this particular blog of mine in favor of my new and much uniquely formulated blog entitled "Druoun X Images"? Of course not! (lol)

There are a lot of reasons to tell but why should I tell all of them if it's not that interesting after all?

Well, just dropping by to let you know that 2010 doesn't marks the end of "Whisper of my Heart" because as long as my heart beats, my consciousness is still open, and I'm still part of those people who wants to spread different social awareness to the entire humanity, this blog is still active!

Expect more topics that would make you think more extravagantly as ever.

Matthew S. Chua here and I'm signing out! (just for a moment and not forever)

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