Friday, February 26, 2010

Motivating and Inspiring Others: An Interview

What's the reason why a certain fulfillment came on our way? For me, the answer would be: to inspire and motivate other people for them to strive more and continue on reaching for their ultimate goal.

Motivating and inspiring other people are one of my many objectives in life in order for me to help make a difference to other people's lives. I was recently added as a contributor by Social-Commentary, an international group in DeviantArt. It is really an achievement for me to be given an opportunity to be part of such a group and what's even fulfilling is when the founder interviewed me and made an article about the interview that took place. The article was posted in the group's journal and in the DeviantArt's news section.

The following are the content of the said article:

Interviewing Zymedruoun

Social Commentary is a place where artists can express their views on events, social issues, politics, and other such topics as experienced in within OWN culture. Climate Change! Capitalism! The World Economy! It's all relative, controversial, and ON-topic.

This week, we just added Zymedruoun as a contributor, and the following are his answers in an online interview.


• What inspired you be become an artist?
Hmp… definitely, I was inspired to become one because I know that, at this moment, this is the only talent that I can contribute in sharing and spreading different awareness that would create an impact to the world and to the lives of other people.

• If you had to name three of your top influences, who would they be?
God, environment, people.

• If you had to convey who you are in 10 words or less as a person, artist, or human, what are those words?
Simple, Devious Artist, Photo-Manipulator, Experimental Photographer, Cause-Advocate Blogger

• At what age did you realize that it was your goal to become an artist?
I really don’t know because during my childhood days, I would just draw all day and my father would scold me because he spent much money on those drawing materials (especially papers, a lot of papers). I don’t really have a specific goal of becoming who I am right now. I believe that it has something to do with destiny and GOD’s plan.

• What is your favorite piece and why?

Clash of Conflict It is one of my favorites because first of all, it shows the world that I’m fund of making arts that are thought-provoking mixed with social-conscious values. Second, it became an outlet for me to express my prowess in performing arts. I use to be an active actor in the fields of performing arts before I went on a different track, which is leadership. Third, it gives me the feeling of achievement as I was able to impose a rhetorical question to everyone asking them “which side will you choose?” (For the captions, kindly refer to ). Fourth, it was originally done in gif format (animated image), which is also one of my interests.


• If you had only one medium, what would it be and why?
Photoshop. It gives me the feeling of producing arts that could communicate to the heart of every people.


• If possible, what would you say to potential artists?
Continue on what you’re doing and what you’re fighting for. Not all people are brave enough to express their real talent. You have that talent and you know what? You can change the world’s conventional perspective into a new kind of perspective that you would want the world to see and feel.

• Do you have any advice for ways to promote your art?
Just post your art in the internet. One would not need to do different promotional gimmiks. If your art has a part of your heart and soul, then people would notice it. No doubt about that.


• What is the message that you would like to convey with your life’s work?
Love the environment as much as you love yourself; Make a difference to everyone as if you’re leaving a lasting legacy that would put your name in the book of immortality.

• What is your message, and who is your audience?
Art is the most powerful tool that can merge fantasy and reality. My audience is people that are eager to decipher the hidden message of my art.

• If you died tomorrow, what would your greatest wish that people would walk away with from viewing your work?
Art, even though it portrays darkness and chaos, has always had a positive message for everyone.


• As an artist, what is your objective to accomplish in the next five years? Do you have a framework in mind to follow to accomplish the goals to become the artist you want to be?
An exhibit perhaps. I would also love to see myself contributing my talent in promoting a certain charity.

• In 10 years from now, if someone asked you “who was responsible fro your success?” how would you respond?
My success was already written by GOD before I was even born in this world. It was only realized when I did the right choice. You see, we are all successful in the book of GOD. We just have to make the right decision that would lead us towards the success that was really meant for us.

• At the end of your life, would is the one thing that you hope people would say that you’ve accomplished?
I have, in one point, changed the perspective of humanity (in a positive way) and I did spend my precious life in this world by making a difference.

Thanks for taking a minute to read his interview! Please take a minute to check out ShadowKiwi’s gallery as well as the other artists included at Social Commentary Please take a minute to check out Zymedruoun’s gallery. Once all of the contributors have been interviewed, I’d like to begin interviewing members monthly. Thanks!

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