Saturday, May 01, 2010

Limelight and Beyond: The Third Blog

     I now have my third blog entitled "Limelight and beyond". If one would ask me why should I need to have another blog, the answer is simple - I need to.

     Yes, you read it right. The word is "need" and not "want". Need in the sense that I have committed to myself to finally create another blog for the purpose of featuring different art pieces that can be found in different locations around the world.

    Why do I need to? I need to because it's another hobby that I'm venturing - art appreciation. The blog isn't just about featuring and discussing the basic content of an art. It is about letting my readers understand the deeper value of every art. I also wanted my readers to explore the magic and mystery of each art that can open my reader's deeper sense of appreciation.

     So, if you're with me... then come with me! You are all invited to read and understand every art beyond from its usual form. Oh! By the way, Limelight and Beyond officially starts today (May 1). So, what are you waiting for? Visit the website, now! 


Note: the above image is the pilot art feature of Limelight and Beyond. Do you find it interesting? Then you better check out the reasons and explanations on why it has been chosen to be featured.

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