Monday, April 26, 2010

News Article: "Earth Day, A Special Day" by ChiaryLoveHouse95

     Last April 22, I have posted an artwork which I made for a very special occasion - Earth Day! I have committed myself to create artworks for Earth Day since last year because I wanted to give my own share in generating extremely strong and positive awareness to the public. 

     This year's artwork-meant for-Earth Day was featured in Deviant Art's news article entitled "Earth Day, A Special Day" by ChiaryLoveHouse95. The news article was made in a form of compilation of the author's chosen artwork-meant for-Earth Day done by different artists around the world.

The artwork which I'm talking about is:

     All of the artworks, that were included in the said news article, deliver a strong message for everyone to contemplate. Here are some of those artworks that I considered magnificently done and will surely never fail to catch the publics attention and will let them think twice before pursuing their non-environmental deeds:


     All artworks are really eye-catching and serves as an eye-opener for everyone. I wish I could include all artworks, which made it to the said news article. But then, I can't. I really need to shorten this post and that's the reason why I only chose 4 promising artworks.

     To see more of the artworks, which made it to the above-mentioned news article, you may click HERE

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