Saturday, August 28, 2010

An Email Message That Broke My Silence

     Great day to everyone! Earlier this morning, as I check out emails that was sent to me, one particular email did caught my attention because it came from Ateneo YLSE. And as I read the email, it did transported me from the silent world of ease and brought me into the land of extreme rejoice! You might wonder what good news did that email delivered. Well, for instance it did delivered not just happiness to me but did also brought hope - a hope that promises to supply the amount of passion and eagerness that my heart would want. 

     And without further introduction, here's the content of the email that I'm talking about:


Dear applicant,

Thank you for your registering for the Ateneo School of Government and World Bank-Knowledge for Development Center Youth Leaders for Knowledge and Development (YLKD) Program.

Based on the screening and evaluation processes conducted by our esteemed panelists from the School of Government and the World Bank last month, we are pleased to inform you that you have been selected to attend the monthly kapihans for the 1st YLKD where you will get the chance to interact and discuss development issues with some of the best leaders and authorities in the field.

Each kapihan session will cover topics ranging from the broad issues of poverty, public governance, and climate change, to upgrading public education and other issues affecting the Filipino youths. Every session is a chance to air out your views and response on the foregoing topics with the resource persons and your co-participants. It will also be a venue to forge future partnerships for creating action groups tackling these pertinent social issues.

In line with this, we are requesting your presence on 09 September 2010 for the Launch of the YLKD, 4:00 p.m. in Quezon City (venue to be announced). Please reply to this email on or before 31 August, Tuesday (copying in to confirm your participation. Registration starts at 3:30 p.m.

The program will be sent to your e-mail in the coming days.

Participants outside Manila can join via Skype. We will not cover transport, meals, and lodging--only meals during the event.

Thank you and congratulations, once again! We are looking forward to seeing you next month!
Sincerely yours,

Cristyl Mae B. Senajon
Program Assistant
Youth Leadership & Social Entrepreneurship
Ateneo School of Government


     I'm very much grateful and excited to attend the monthly kapihans. This really means a lot to me because I was given this very rare chance to interact with some of the country's great and noble people who have made a difference and contributed a lot of great things for this country to prosper. Thank you very much GOD for giving me such opportunity!

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