Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Spaces Do Matter

I'm an architecture graduate who wants to earn multiple college and master's degree and one of those degrees that I really want to earn is Interior Design. It may sound so strange for someone reading this kind of statement but then, it is the truth. 

Aside from being an architect, I would love to be an interior designer because it focuses mainly on interior spaces. Space is a very important factor both in architecture and in interior design. Spaces need to be dealt  through an artist's vision on what's comfortable and what's not, what's relaxing and what's conducive, what's warm and what's cold, what's acceptable and what's not. And this particular vision can only be attained by adding different kinds of elements that would blend with each other in a natural form. 

Elements for a particular space includes colors, right amount of lighting supplied by lighting fixtures, floor, wall and ceiling finishes,portraits and murals, plants and different kinds of furniture - which are classified as office, living, dinning, kitchen and bedroom furniture.

As these elements blend, they would together create an atmosphere that would supplement a group of people's feelings and emotions. 

As I can see it in my own perspective, people's emotions, as well as mine, are very important contributors of daily activities because it makes and breaks a person's day. Thus, making or breaking a person's day would really make a difference for other people because it has this kind of synergistic effect.

I'm so particular about making a difference in other people's lives that is why even though the topic is about interior design, I make sure that I still am making a difference or at least sending or producing a positive atmosphere to everyone. One would think "how will I do that?". Well, for an eager starter, let's try to research on a user's character and how will we be able to bring out that extreme amount of positive emotions that is within himself through the kind of elements or particular type of furniture that we would incorporate in a given space. Let's research!

To give you an example of a particular furniture that has this distinct character that has the capacity to affect the user's character, emotion, and perspective, you may bother to take a look on this one: Scenic Furniture   

Have fun guys and until next time! c",)

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