Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Featuring: Tribal Art

     What kind or type of art would reflect my personality? The answer is simple. Tribal art. Yes, tribal art would be the closest type of art that reflects my entire character. Its (tribal art) component is very simple yet looks sophisticated and unbelievable. Just like me, I'm a simple person but loaded with creatively weird stuff. Yes, you read it right! Well, enough with the introduction before it leads us to a different topic. The introduction didn't give justice to what I'm suppose to share. (laughs).

     My agendum for this post is to announce to my readers that I've finally made it to the point of converting my tribal arts into its digital form. As a little background, I usually draw tribal art on scratch papers then throw it away after I'm done. If you're a fan of tribal art, you would definitely say without any hesitation that I'm totally insane! You may be correct after all! (laughs) The conversion of my tribal works (from traditional paper to its digital form) began when a friend of mine discovered my talent in making and breaking this kind of intellectual treasures. And that's it, I've started making and sharing them to people across the globe through facebook, twitter, and deviantart. Today would be your chance to take a look at some of my works as I'm about to reveal it here in this post. Ready? Here you go!

     Do you think that some of these tribal art designs are better when printed in mugs, magnets, and other souvenir items? Then, you should visit this link: [BUY] for purchase! 

     Want a design intended just for you? You may let me know by leaving a message [HERE].  Thank you very much and God bless you! 

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