Wednesday, January 19, 2011

One Step Higher

     2011 is here... and I'm ready to know those different surprises that are awaiting to be revealed for this year! What I mean by surprises are those that will affect my career as an artist, photo manipulator, experimental photographer, cause-advocate blogger, and as a young leader.

     The presence of 2011 is, indeed, giving me an initial hint. One good example was the message, that was received last week. The content of the message was simple - one of my works has been included in an art feature. That  particular message made me feel so overwhelmed because it shows a fact that another artist  from the other side of the globe has recognized my work. And this only  means one thing - my career as an artist has been elevated a step higher.

     The artwork that I'm talking about is "Madonna In Silence" (left). It has been chosen as one of the many masterpieces to be included in an art feature entitled "The Deviant Art Gallery Feature # 3", which is in a form of da news (DeviantArt News). The art feature was created by  an artist popularly known as xXVampireDreamerXx in the world of DeviantArt. She resides in Australia and she's the founder of the group called "The Deviantart Gallery".  

    As my personal gratitude to what she's done, let me share with you  three of her works just to give you a glimpse of how amazing this artist is. Below are some of her awesome works:

Don't Leave...

Growing From A Book

On Fire...

     Knowing that one of my works has been included in "The Deviant Art Gallery Feature # 3" should not be a reason for me to brag. Instead, it should serve as an inspiration. An inspiration  that would ignite myself in doing more, striving more, and excelling more.

Let me end this post by  leaving you 
the group's tag line: 

"Art's our thing"

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To see more of xXVampireDreamerXx's artworks,
you may click [HERE] 

To see the art feature, just click [HERE]

To know more about the group, proceed [HERE]

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