Thursday, April 28, 2011

Earth Hour Heroes

     Remember Earth Hour? Well, I assume that some or (should I say) most of you, my readers, are familiar and have even participated in the said event. If my assumption is correct, then two thumbs up for you people!

     Earth hour has become a yearly word-of-mouth thanks to the pursuance of its organizers and to the media for educating and continuously reminding the people about Earth Hour. Without them, Earth Hour may just have been a huge event that turned out to be a flap. But aside from them (the organizers and media people), there are also other proponents that needs to be recognized for making Earth Hour possible - the people. Ordinary people, who have participated and were even able to promote the event with their simple gestures.

     One of those people, who have expressed their participation by means of spreading the word and making people become aware of the cause, are Artists and bloggers. They themselves are aware of the cause and they made their own part in making others become aware of the event by simply utilizing their God-given skills and talents.

     One typical example of which is the artist named Chris A.K.A painting-with-light in the DeviantArt (DA) community. He is an avid journal-maker in DA and has decided to make a post regarding Earth Hour. The post appears to be simple - a collection of Earth Hour-related artworks made by artists of DA - but the impact it has created in terms of awareness is definitely bigger than what's been expected.

Below are some of those artworks being featured by the journal:

     I haven't made my own artwork for Earth Hour for this year due to some schedule constraints, but my artwork that was created for last year's Earth House has been included in Chris' journal. And with that, let me have this opportunity to thank Chris for allowing my work to be seen by others and to contribute in the process of making others become aware of what Earth Hour really means.

Below is my personal work:

Take a look of Chris' actual post. Just click HERE

     To Chris and to the rest of those artists and bloggers doing their thing in generating awareness, good job! May you always have the passion and interest in promoting events that are worth participating. Glory to God for creating such wonderful and talented people like you!

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