Monday, May 02, 2011

Inspiration: A Chain Reaction

     What does it feels like to be notified by someone informing you that your artwork has been featured in other websites? Your answers may vary in some point or another. But if you would ask me with the same question, my answer would be like this... I'll be flattered and definitely be inspired at the same time. Why flattered and why inspired?

      Flattered because of the nice gesture that has been made in showing his or her appreciation to my artwork; and inspired because what has been done is a simple way of encouragement - which fuels me with  enough energy for me to ignite more, to create more, and to inspire more people. 

     With the statement I've given, I can now conclude that "being flattered" is just the initial part of the process while "being inspired in order to inspire more people" is the raw product of the entire process. Being inspired is, somehow, the most important part of the whole package because it creates a different level of impact. I've been inspired by the gesture of someone - featuring my artwork in other website -  which leads me to striving more in honing myself in order for me to inspire more people as well.
The image below ("Clash of Conflict: The Battle of Good and Evil") is one of the few chosen artworks that has  been featured in by the site owner himself.

     To the owner of, thank you very very much for choosing my artwork. Surely, your action has opened a new door of exposure for my artwork and, definitely, a new door of opportunity for me to grow more and inspire more people.

     To my readers, take time in appreciating simple things that passes you by for it has the potential of opening different doors for you; and take time in enjoying the benefit of being inspired for it will unleash your will of inspiring others.

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