Monday, May 30, 2011

Friends and Advocacy

     Hi guys! It's good to be back here in the blogosphere (again). I've been so busy with both my academic life and my life as a volunteer for various charitable works these past few days. That's why, as you may have noticed, I barely blog nor regularly manage my accounts. I think I don't need to elaborate the exact reason because I only have a very short time in composing this blog post. So please... do bare with me. c",)

     For this particular post, I've decided to share something that is worth consuming your very precious time in thinking and absorbing the lessons that these following photos have to offer: 

     Decisions coming from the heart really makes a difference. They're my friends but were strangers to each other until they've decided to come with me and help build a community in Nangka Marikina. Before, knowing me was just their common trait... But now, having a heart for others and the desire to create an impact to other people's lives are their common traits! 

     Good friends share advocacies. They volunteer together to stand for a cause. Together, this group of friends creates an impact to the society. I'm glad to work with these guys because they are now part of the people who care.... and the best part is... they are my friends!

Note: The above photos were taken last May 21, 2011 at Nangka Marikina during the U! Can Build (A joint project of U! Happy Events For Kids Foundation and The Coffee Bean and Green Leaf).

     Before I end this post, I hope that you've been able to extract those useful juices that may help you in your journey as a leader and, of course, as a nation-builder in your own respective country. Just bare in mind that, as a leader, we do have the power to influence other people and that includes our friends. Come on guys,  let's convince them (our friends) to become  part of our personal endeavors. Together with them, we do have the capacity to bring a much greater change... the change that we want the future generations to see and experience.

Until next time.... Matt c",)

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