Monday, February 27, 2012

Funlipix: The Beginning of a Partnership

     Changes come and go. That's a fact! People would always say that the only temporary thing in this world is change. And yes, that is undoubtedly correct. Changes are always around the corner and we all need to embrace it as we embrace the truth about reality. I've encountered changes several times and I'm certain that you've encountered the same thing. Through the years, change has become a part of my growth as I continue to fulfill my purpose and the same thing goes to my blog - Whisper of my Heart.

     Through seven (7) years of existence of this blog, I've come to realize that I should finally change some elements in order to fully present the road that this blog is heading. Thus, Whisper of my Heart had undergone series of changes, which started last year. Changing or reformatting parts of this blog isn't easy for me to do. It is one of the toughest decisions that I need to go through. And yes, change prevailed over traditionality and sentimentality. From thereon, my readers have witnessed various changes - from the change of layout down to the elimination of images and links, and all the way to the introduction of different pages. 
     Today, this blog has evolved into a more serious-looking and more defined one and I definitely do like the outcome of that single decision I’ve made. But, at some point, I really feel the need of introducing more elements in order to truly fulfill its purpose, which is to strengthen its community-related feature. And that's where the latest change comes in - the introduction of a new chosen partner. 

     The first partner that was introduced last Saturday is none other than Funlipix. If you're an avid reader or a follower of this blog, Funlipix may have already been a familiar word to you. See "A Box O' Fun: Beyond Usual Celebration. Funlipix was chosen to be one of this blog's newest partners for it delivers the touch of social enterprise. And it’s just one of the many reasons why Funlipix should be loved and should be promoted by blogs like this.

     Funlipix is not just an on-site photo booth… Funlipix is now an official partner of this blog. And that’s a fact! From now on, you’ll see the banner of Funlipix on this blog’s “Stats” page. You’ll see more of Funlipix on the upcoming page that will be launched soon (Sorry but I can’t reveal this page as of the moment for me to maintain the element of surprise and excitement).
     Be sure to check out this awesome partner and be amazed by their services and their heart for the community. Click the banner below.

Expect more partners to be introduced… SOON!

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