Friday, February 17, 2012

Hello Goodbye

Mournful in the state of nowhere,
Seeking a life that is over.
Now, here we are sitting
Watching you silently sleeping.

You pursued happiness during your stay,
Never minding people in dismay;
You conquered dreams in just a roar,
Gaining triumph from an ocean's soar.

Regret has never been your thing,
For you have done everything;
There's no reason for you to frown,
For you have already earned your crown.

In a way, you are truly fulfilled,
For your wounds were beautifully healed;
So many blessings and great opportunities,
Which complement your sweet serenity.

Now that the time has come for you to leave,
No need to bring your armored sleeves;
Go on now for your battle has ended
We'll just stay here until our hearts have finally mended.


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