Saturday, May 26, 2012

Kokoro Ramenya: Good Food, Great Ambiance

When will food become good food;
when will experience become memorable ones;
and when will satisfaction become really satisfying?

     I had this chance of dining in at Kokoro Ramenya last May 3, 2012 and I must say that the experience was totally amazing and it is really worth my time!

     Kokoro Ramenya is a new restaurant that offers Japanese dishes and is located at the 2nd floor of the newly constructed Avenue of the Arts Building (just across U.S. Embassy). The restaurant claims that they offer [authentic] Japanese food and I can't argue with them knowing that my taste buds savor authentic Japanese flavor and knowing the fact that I tag along with me my friend named Arch. Cheery Dominguiano, who is a certified fanatic of authentic Japanese dish and who has an experience living in Japan.

     Aside from their Japanese dishes, other settings of the restaurant such as its interior would really make people believe that they are dining in places other than Manila. Its interior showcases modern Japanese look with an ambiance that is both inviting and relaxing (especially during nigh-time when lights come in and add drama). The panoramic scene would also add up to the intense dramatic feeling of the atmosphere as the astonishing sunset display of Roxas Boulevard makes the experience really memorable.
     With Japanese dishes that offer authentic flavor, affordable price, easy-share serving, and are being served fresh and not oily... you'll never go wrong. Kokoro Ramenya is, indeed, the best place to go when your adventurous feet wanders along Roxas Boulevard and your tummy suddenly seeks to indulge good food.
Photos courtesy of: Arch. Cheery Dominguiano

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