Monday, August 20, 2012

Once Upon A Time: Reality or Not

     Fairy tales have always been a part of our childhood memories. We grew up with stories of magic and happy endings. And we learned to love the way each stories went. And the best part is "And they live happily ever after" was the phrase we usually hear when the story ends. Truly, fairy tales are the reason why we became great believers of something magical and somehow, it did strengthen our capability of believing what's hard to believe. 

     My love for fairy tales was reborn when I discovered "Once Upon A Time". Once Upon A Time is a television series aired on ABC, which casts all fairy tale characters we grew up with. The story revolves around how the evil queen destroys the happiness of Snow White, Prince Charming, and the rest of the fairy tale characters through the use of the dark curse, which leaves the evil queen live a life filled with happiness. 
     Incorporating all fairy tale characters and stitching their story with one another in order to create a one big story was such an ambitious and challenging thing to do for a writer... but the story ended up remarkably amazing and magical! Once Upon A Time came out to be one of the best stories ever told. It was really worth the risk for writers Edward Kitsis and Adam Harowitz. They really know how to turn spectators into solid believers of the story they've created. And I commend them for doing such a great job.

     Once Upon A Time talks about hope, determination, choices, consequences, fate, dreams, courage, happiness, and the power of true love. Such powerful elements to begin and to revolve with. In either fantasy or reality, with magical powers or not, these elements do help people keep on holding on to whatever circumstances they are undergoing right now. And I think, these elements are the main reason why people like me got easily  hooked to it.

     Hope, determination, choices, consequences, fate, dreams, courage, happiness, and the power of true love are and will always be powerful reminders of why we keep on moving forward even though tides are against us. And without these elements, we may never have learned how to become a knight of our own armor. And whatever we may have become right now, it all points us to where our roots are - how great we've hoped, how logical we choose, how far we've dreamed, and how powerful we've loved. Let me end this article by leaving you a simple message from belle.

"No one decides my fate but me."


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