Wednesday, February 13, 2013

A New Year for All

Kiong Hee Huat Tsai!

     Our Chinese friends recently celebrated their new year. Joining the world on accepting a bright new year, this marks the beginning of a general perspective and acceptance on new year perception. And this is just the perfect time to post my new year special. 

     New year symbolizes a new beginning for most of us. This is the time we freshen up our perspectives and attitude in facing the entire year. We see to it that every thought would do something positive for our life, career, and ambitions. A thrilling and exciting practice for everyone.

      I see no wrong in creating such positive and hopeful thoughts only if we do something great about it. Actions are tools that convert those thoughts into tangible outcomes. Without actions, those thoughts will only end up as mere dreams. This is why action is still the best partner of dreams. And I hope that everyone has this kind of tool.

     This year, may everyone (most especially my readers) have this great urge to accomplish great things. May each one of us have this passion to pursue things beyond its true outcomes. And may we continue to create positive thoughts with positive actions for a positive life in order to create a positive community... and a positive world!

       On the coming days ahead, allow me to introduce few positive thoughts that need positive actions for this year. And may you join me in accomplishing each thought and embrace a new and better YOU.  


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