Monday, February 25, 2013

Pieces N' Creations: A New Partner Revealed

     Last year was a very promising one for this blog because of the many changes happened within it. One of those changes was the introduction of different partners, which later on lead to the launching of Marketplace for a Cause.

     This year, I'm happy to finally reveal this blog's newest partner and it is none other than Pieces N' Creations. This amazing Social Enterprise (SE) is something to pay your attention to as it turns simple items into products with value. And what's even good about this SE is that it empowers underprivileged women by providing them a good means of livelihood program. I can't tell you much detailed information as of the moment because I'm reserving it for my next blog post regarding this new SE partner. So, you better watch out for it.
     Excited enough to know more about this amazing SE? Feel free to visit their page by clicking the personalized banner I made for them.
Note: The above banner can also be seen on this blog's Projects tab. 

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