Saturday, June 01, 2013

Why We Volunteer

     A friend of mine asked me earlier through Facebook, "Don't you have any work right now that's why you're [just] volunteering? Just volunteering... Attaching "just" with "volunteering" is a little bit off for me. I ended up answering him (still in a friendly manner) that I'm a volunteer regardless whether I have a work or not because it is my simple dedication towards building this nation. 

     Being a volunteer is not "just" an option when one does not have a job. We don't volunteer simply because we need to offset our free time and use it as our pastime. Volunteering is a personal commitment and one, who engages in this kind of activity, should have passion for it. 

     We volunteer not because we expect something in return... we volunteer simply because we care for others in dire need. We inspire people and we change lives. These are our main motivations and prime reasons why we are still active in volunteering. We don't [just] volunteer, we make CHANGE happen.

     For people interested to volunteer with cause-oriented projects, I strongly encourage you to do so. Being a volunteer is not a money-making career... It is more of a chance to express your love, time, and talent to the society. Happy volunteering!

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