Friday, January 16, 2015

Smart's Free Data is Simply Amazing

     Being a blogger, who [instantly] shares most of his adventures through Instagram posts and other micro-blogging sites, means being connected anytime and anywhere. May it be checking-in a luxury hotel, dining in at a gourmet restaurant, or even walking at the streets. Being connected everywhere means not depending on wi-fi at all times. 

     Before, I make sure that I register my mobile phone to get internet access via data connection before leaving the house. I had to spend money just to be online while outside the perimeter of a wi-fi zone. Thanks to Smart, I don't need to spend money anymore. Smart has given this blogger the ability to instantly share his adventures without depending solely on wi-fi and without the need of spending money. Their free Facebook and Internet promo is really helpful. Now, I get to share my adventures online anytime... anywhere!

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