Tuesday, January 13, 2015

To My Dearest...

Let me offer you my love,
It is the only thing I have.
Please accept it my dear,
There’s no time for fear.

I will love you beyond eternity
And I promise you it’s not a fantasy.
This is how great my love can be
To a woman, who is so dear to me.

Everlasting can be a clear definition
Of what my love has envisioned.
You, walking in complete harmony
To the tune of a perfect symphony.

Sending our vows to each other
Right in front of our great provider
Is a sign of a couple’s intention
To preserve a love for perfection.

Engaging my remaining life with you,
Gave color to a meaningless view.
Your presence is truly a delight,
For you’ve given me a new sight

Loving you is our greatest story
And we’ve made a piece of history.
Looking back at how it all began,
Reminds me of a lovely risk I’ve done.

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