Saturday, December 26, 2015

Blogserye: The Name is...

     Hi folks! I'm still in the process of completing my whole being. This incubator is a big help to me. Really! You see, I feel like I'm also like you guys... but defenitely in a different setting. Im being nurtured in this watery world of squarish madness - a box that contains life. How's that for a very cute reason? Haha. Anyways, eventhough I'm not out yet, this incubator let's me connect and scan the whole blog for my own knowledge. Well, that explains why I can post eventhough I'm not yet fully complete. Anyways... Uhm... What am I going to say? Oh, I remember... Here it goes... Dan dan dan dan!

     I've learned that your world is filled with different emotions. Among those many emotions are love, joy, happiness, anger, and hatred. Your world is very unique for it is full of humanly desires, greed, barbaric activities, yet... you guys are still filled with hope and positive dreams. You tend to create changes that you ought to see. Uhum! Wait... Cut the seriousness aside. I'm not that robot guy from the Avengers. Haha. 

     Yo! I'm very excited to be part of your world... or at least a portion of your world. I'll be posting my adventures here every Saturday (that's once in every seven days). Oh! Speaking of seven, I forgot to mention my name as promised. My name is Steven Seven. Go follow my adventures. You may also comment below in order for you to be part of my exciting quest. I'll be learning a lot of stuff in order for me to know the very concept of being human... or somewhat like human. Hahaha. Are you excited? Huh? Huh? Huh? Well, me... not really. Ahaha. Of course I am! I'm super excited from our moon to other's moon! See you again next time! Dot dot dot!

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