Wednesday, December 30, 2015

That Single Day

     One day to go and this year comes to an end. This simply means that the earth will complete another cycle around the sun. It is an annual routine she does for a living. The passing of another year marks another moment of remembering what went wrong. 

     It was a misunderstanding between the two of us that made us apart. It was a kind of communication I wish we didn't had. Surely, emotions made us decide quickly on choosing that broken path that leads us to broken hearts. We both made a mistake and that's the whole point... we made a mistake by entertaining that kind of mistake. We chose to be affected by our feelings brought by a miscommunication and the worst part is, we didn't bother to communicate at all.

     If only we tried listening to our hearts rather than obeying to our loud emotions during that very moment, we could have settled things up; if only we let ourselves be occupied by love rather than too much hatred, we could have saved "us"; and if only we let things pass harmonusly rather than sticking with our grudges, we could have had that single chance... that single choice... that single change... for that single day.

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