Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Broken Valentine

     Walking on this street where hearts and roses wander, I found myself carrying a bleeding heart. For some, Valentine's day is a commemoration of this particular emotion called love. But for me, this day reminds me of the time when a piece of my heart stopped.

     It was Valentine's day, three years ago, when fate took her away from me. It happened on this same ground where familiar scenes took place - couples walking with their hands locked with each other, guys carrying flowers, and girls fully dressed. We were once like those chosen few, who celebrate Valentine's day every year, until... she was shot. Three bullets went straight to her heart. Fate spared no chance for her to continue that one precious life.   

     Images became grey for me. It was as if everything were bare concrete and everyone were silhouettes. Everything's grey except for her blood. That angry red blood covering the street, which made it appear like her body was just laid on a piece of an elegant blanket. Rose petals scattered on top of her lifeless form. And voices of howling angels were heard from afar.

     I can still recall every bit of yesterday's pictures. Piece by piece, these pictures were placed side by side like a big montage of sorrow. Like a monument of a lost fight, here I am standing with a heavy heart... Lamenting in despair.

     I can't help not to compare her tragic fate from my uncertain life. Her heart was shot, but mine suddenly stopped; her life was taken away, yet I became lifeless; she is not capable of living at the present while I am not capable of leaving my past.

     Slowly, gravity made me bend on the ground. It was as if I was looking for tangible memories that would suffice my longing. How I wish that the earth would suddenly crumble and swallow me. How I wish my agony ends here.   

     Time resumes on the dot... colors are back... Valentine's day is finally over. I'm free from sorrow's prison [for now]. It's time to go home. Will live a normal life for the next three hundred plus days until... this day comes... this day people called... Valentine's.

Image source: https://www.pinterest.com/tulli1/dried-flowers/ 

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