Friday, March 10, 2017

Changing Time

     If the universe would grant me the chance to travel back time, I would gladly accept it. It would be my outlet in correcting several unlikely events that happened in my past.

     First, I would go back to the time when I was still in grade school where I was so nice and timid. It was those days when I was being bullied by my classmates and schoolmates. I could imagine my present self looking at the younger me - law abiding, nice, and defenseless. I would want to correct that moment. I would want to fight back and prove them that I'm not the right person to mess with. Altering this moment would let me earn respect at an early stage.

     Second, I would go back to the night when I threw the milk that my mother made for me simply because I want to drink juice instead. It hurts me every time I remember that boy. He was so insensitive of his actions. He didn't feel any emotions from other people. All he ever felt was his own. I would want to correct that moment. I would want to drink that milk and express my gratitude towards my mom for making sure that my body gains enough nutrients. Altering this moment would have made me such a loving boy.

     Third, I would go back to the time when you broke my heart. It was in that moment when I felt that my worth isn't good enough. I would want to see details that transpired between the two of us. I would want to know where this faithful guy went wrong. I would want to correct those days. I would want to turn myself into someone worthier of your choice - the choice to stay. Altering this moment would have made me valuable. 

     There are events that happened in my life that I would want to redo. Every unlikely details stitched on this fabric of time serves as my scars, which tainted my present being. Restitching them is my primary choice if ever the universe would allow me to travel back time. But... the universe didn't made any offer. I don't have that chance, I don''t have that capability, and I don't have that luxury. 

     Those events remain as part of my memories. Those events, in one way or another, made an impact to who I am today. I can't redo my past now. All I'm capable of is to make sure that I'm doing the right mistake at the moment. That right mistake that would lead me in becoming the man, who is well-respected, loving, and valuable to the eyes of many and to the conscience of this universe.

I don't have the choice to redo, but I do have the chance to become. 


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