Monday, August 28, 2017

Always Kubeta Ph: Your Toilet Guide

     Ever experienced having that urge of going to the nearest toilet as fast as you can simply because you stomach went diabolically in sane? How was it? Did it go well? Or it became a horrible experience? 

     Here in the Philippines, public toilet isn't that good in general. That is why you have to be smart in bringing your toiletries with you. You also need to be good at knowing where to go when that digestive system of yours went crazy. If you are a tourist and you are not familiar with where best to go for a minute or so of having that satisfying public toilet experience, then you got to follow this new page in town! The page is called "Always Kubeta Ph" and the admin call themselves "Comfort Room Bloggers". Yep, that is new! 
     Always Kubeta Ph was established a week ago and since then, it has been receiving double taps from those, who can relate from that [need]. The page has been featuring the best and the worst public toilets accompanied with humorous quips from the writers themselves. The page also features TV series/movie memes that were wittily made. Always Kubeta Ph is a quick reminder that one has to be smart when leaving home simply because not all public toilets are friendly for one's needs.
     The page's first post was a quote that says,

"Comfort room blogging begins when food blogging ends."

     That debut post gave away what spectators need to expect from this page. And since then, different pages and personalities came in and joined the fun by simply following this page. I'm a self-confessed fan of Always Kubeta Ph and my duty here is to spread the news and not to give away what's inside of this precious treasure. You have to discover it for yourself. How? Search for @alwayskubetaph on IG, check it out, read the content, double tap those postings, and click follow.

     Enjoy reading and happy pooping!

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