Friday, May 25, 2018

EYN: It Holds Everything You Need

     iPhone case is one important thing in protecting one’s precious phone. Another use of iPhone case is showing the public one's identity and character. It is both an armor and an accessory, which displays the owner's priorities and considerations for his/her phone. I'm very particular with dressing up my iPhone. I make sure that the case will not just protect my phone every time it accidentally slips off my hand, but also holds my identity as its owner. 

     My case back then was the one I bought from a mall. I just got lucky in being at the right place and at the right time. That case bears the image of a wolf in an artsy way. I just felt that the wolf represents me as a wild hunter chasing after my dreams. The wolf also symbolizes the school where I'm currently teaching at. There are a lot of iPhone cases available at every corner here in the Philippines, but buying and replacing my wolf case will take a lot of convincing. I already did multiple attempts in shopping for a replacement, but ended up empty handed. I just can't find the right replacement for my dilapidated and much loved wolf case until... EYN came in.

     EYN is a product based in USA and it specializes in wallet cases. An all in one purpose where one don’t need to carry all his/her cards and cash. I really love how this wallet case was able to solve my one problem every time I attend events where suiting up is mandatory. There I am all dressed up and ready to impress, but both my pockets look very bulky. What are in my pockets? Two phones, a wallet, a bulky card and ID holder, and a handkerchief. Now that my phone is fully dressed up courtesy of EYN, my ootd's have never been this swag.

     This iPhone wallet case also solved my agony when binge watching my favorite TV series online. You can only imagine how tired my hand and wrist are just by holding my phone for hours. Those days when parts of my body needed sacrificing for the sake of pleasure. Now, no more tired hand and wrist. I can binge watch anytime and anywhere just by letting my phone stand on any surface. This cool iPhone wallet case can be positioned upright for binge watching and video calling purposes as well.
     You think that's the only positive thing about it? Do you know that it also helped me with my grooming habit? No joke! This iPhone wallet case also has this builtin mirror where I can use every time I shave. Before, I would normally open my front camera and shave. Now, All I need is to open my wallet case and see myself clearly without turning on my front camera, without adjusting the brightness of my phone (my phone's screen is always set at its dimmest), and without using up my phone's battery.
     Other features I love with this wallet case are its lightness and smoothness. Yes, it doesn't weigh much even though it carries a lot of functions and it looks thicker than normal iPhone cases. And the smoothness? It's very smooth to the extent that it feels like soft. I just love the sensation it provides my hand. By the way, the back portion really fits my palm as if it was really designed for my hand.

     Worry about branding? No need to worry. EYN has this decency of not placing their brand name exposed and set with colors too loud for people to notice. Instead, their brand name can be found inside. No flashy colors or whatsoever. That's another plus for me as I don't need to carry with me products with screaming brand name.

     Still needs convincing? Still in doubt because you're in to slim? When it comes to your phone's security, extra function, and style... no need to think twice. Slim is out, multipurpose is in. It’s just "Everything You Need".   

Current wallet cases available as of this writing are the following:

iPhone 8 & 8 Plus
iPhone 7 & 7 Plus
iPhone 6/6s
iPhone 6 Plus/6s Plus
iPhone 5/5s/SE
iPhone 5c
iPhone 4/4s
Samsung Galaxy S4

     Go visit and shop EYN now. Don't forget to use my referral code: ARTISTMAT. Need awesome deals? Just click HERE.

Photos courtesy of my student, D.M.L.

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