Friday, May 11, 2018

Kulay Sining Hagonoy 2: Passing on the Torch

     It was early morning of May 8, 2018 when Arch. Osie, Jade, Bianca, Ando, and I traveled all the way to Hagonoy, Bulacan to attend the Kulay Sining Hagonoy 2 Recognition and Exhibition day. The event was the conclusion of a month-long art workshop series organized by the Hagonoy Art Group (HAG).
Had a chance to pose with artists of Hagonoy Art Group.
A student took a pose with one of his works.
     Seventy students aged five to twelve from Santiago Trillana Academy, DepEd Hagonoy West, and DepEd Hagonoy East took time, effort, and willingness in participating and in finishing the free summer workshop held at Santiago Trillana Academy grounds. They were taught fundamentals of drawing and rendering, which are essential in creating visual masterpieces. Every week, they were introduced with different media and techniques for them to work on until they find their own style and showcase their final work for culmination.    

     We arrived at the venue early enough for me to meet the people behind this successful summer workshop and for me to witness their exhibit preparations. The program was divided into two parts - recognition rites and opening of exhibit. Recognition rites was started with inspirational talks from different successful artists that HAG takes pride of. Followed by the awarding of certificates and ended with a jolly entertainment courtesy of, none other than, Jollibee himself. 
Marc Salamat showing his life's works to students.
     The ribbon cutting ceremony was spearheaded by Trillana family and was witnessed by artists, students, and guests. I saw how family members were so supportive and so proud of what their kids have become throughout the process.
Even Jollibee witnessed the ribbon cutting ceremony.
     The exhibit is a showcase of students' transformation - from aspirants to artists. With proper training and mentoring, these kids will someday make their names in the field of visual arts and will soon join the ranks of Hagonoy artists.
Jam packed. Exhibit viewing and distribution of food. 
Final pose with teacher Alexis Sebastian.
     I was impressed with the way their outputs turned out. I enjoyed looking at the exhibit because it gave me the feeling of having a trip down memory lane where I saw the evolution of their talents. With this kind of project, I can easily say that the future is bright for Hagonoy in terms of visual arts. 
Impressive works done by Kulay Sining Hagonoy 2 students

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