Saturday, December 22, 2007

NRYLI 2007

.....Last Decembe 16, 2007, I went to the Teacher's Camp in Baguio City for a five-day leadership seminar hosted by the Knights of Rizal. The event was entitled "45th National Rizal Young Leadership Institute" with the theme of: "Rizal, the will to Perfection and the Youth: Putting Brilliance to our Future".

.....Its aim is to mold students into a good leaders by following Rizal's virtues and idealisms. I really had some fun while learning learning and exercising the things that they tought me. After the training, I may conclude that I came to Baguio with my real and normal identity and I left Baguio with a new kind of identity, a fresher and better identity with an extraordinary character.

.....It's nice to know that there are still people dedicating much of their time in transforming the youth into a better person and a contributor of our society. Don't blame them for doing such things without accepting any credits at all. If there's someone or something to be blamed for, it should be PASSION. It is PASSION that continues to burn and keeps on spreading, reaching and influencing other people. We must not let these people do and act alone for the betterment of the society I still believe that each one of us has the capacity and power to make a difference in our society.

.....All of us should have a concern with regards to our Nation and environment. We should be the leader when it comes to Nation-Building in order for us to cure the ruins the [we] have done. Always bare in mind that the Key of Change is in our hands. This present dillemas will not be overand will continue to exist if we will not make neccessary actions. Actions that could make a big difference for you, me, and for all of us...

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