Tuesday, December 11, 2007

O.J.T. Lessons

Hi everyone! I'm back and ready to conquer the blogosphere! I' m kinda' busy right now (as usual) hehe because we are currently having our examination week and at the same time busy completing the minimum hours required by our instructor in Architectural Internship subject (O.J.T.). I can still tell you that I'm fortunate with the office that I'm working to even though I started my O.J.T. quite late.
I'm having my OJT in an Architectural Firm located at one of the Business Center District of Metro Manila. Situated on the 26th Floor of a high-rise building with a wide transparent glass that allows us to see the view outside the building and most of all, the owner is always mad and oftentimes shouts so loud. It's really an exciting, thrilling and challenging job.hehe. Honestly, I'm very thankful for that because it will train me on what to expect in a professional job, what's the atmosphere and what to do in case the boss gets mad.
Trust me, having this kind of scenario really helps because it will give you the proper armor you need right after you graduated from college.
"Pressure, problems, criticisms, etc.... All of these should be considered plus factors."

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