Saturday, December 22, 2007

Sweet Farewell

May lungkot s akng mga mata ng akoy mgcng ngyng umaga. Spgkat isa s n u ay hnd kuna mkkta. Alam kong itoy pansamntala lamang spgkt itinakda tayo upang ipamahagi s mga ka nayon ang PAGKAKAISA AT PAGMAMAHAL NG MGA PILIPINO. naniniwala akng mgkkta tayng muli n tayo ay may 100% result. Gud morning..

Kuya raffy.


.....Shown from above is a text message that was sent to me by one of the friends that I have met in Baguio during the 45th NRYLI. It was sent to me early in the morning of our 5th and last day in Baguio. By reading his message, one could feel the sadness of a delegate for he knows that the time has come for him to be departed from his fellow delegates. This is the time where our friendship and bonding made during the five-day seminar has come for a conclusion, the time of bidding good byes. Good byes are the hardest thing to face but this good bye is for the better. We need to say goodbye to each other in order to face a new and bigger journey. A journey filled with challenges and frustrations. The journey that we took during the seminar was just the start for a bigger journey, the real world. A journey that requires the skills that we have learned in Baguio.
.....This is not the saddest farewell ever for this farewell has a positive reason. A reason that explains to us that we shouldn't cry for this was the happiest and the sweetest farewell of all. We all need to separate in order to spread the virtues of Rizal. The virtues that will transform our youth into our country's next great leaders!

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